Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Local love love love: CHIPOTLE

I've been meaning to blog about this place for a long while but everytime I eat here, I always somehow manage to forget my camera, or just forget period, because the food is soo darn amazing here. Their menu is pretty simple but I love the food here, you know sometimes when you go somewhere to eat all the time it gets a little boring..yeah thats never the case at Chipotle for me. Just a little background on Chipotle, they are committed and strict on their food with integrity policy, here's their initiative from the website:"Food With Integrity" isn't a marketing slogan. It's not a product line of natural and organic foods. And it's not a corporate initiative that will ever be finished or set aside to make room for other priorities. It's a philosophy that we can always do better in terms of the food we buy. And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word- better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals, and better for the farmers who raise the animals and grow the produce". Chipotle is located on 323 Younge st, Basically on Dundas square, within the Toronto life square building right between HMV and Rogers. Personal favorite from the menu, chicken tacos, and if you decide to visit Chipotle YOU HAVE TO TRY THE CHIPS AND GUACAMOLE, that is a staple item!

Let them eat cake part deux

I recently had a work potluck, there were countless of yummy, yummy foods. My boss brought in her famous meatballs with pineapple slices, there was pasta salads, and of course cakes. My friend and I got together in the morning to make cupcakes that will be in the next entry. For those of you who know me know that I LOVE to bake cupcakes, especially during times of stress. I would bake cupcakes and bring them in for my fellow classmates after a hefty paper or an exam. Anyways going off in a tagent, my coworker Claudia surprised us with these gorgeous cakes. It looked like it should be on a television show or something.
the revealing of the cakes! *we all gasped*
the exciting *just cut the cake part*

and the eating part...yums!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let them eat cake

As some of you may know my birthday recently passed (I still consider it to be my birthday month), and this year for some reason I had like 4 cakes. Mind you I didn't buy them, I personally believe a person should never buy their own cake on their birthday..but thats just my thing. I had the following cakes, a vanilla with buttercream icing, strawberry shortcake with white chocolate flakes all around, a triple chocolate truffle cake, and lastly the rare ube cake. These cakes were given to me by my mom, and my aunts,which was a really sweet gesture and of course I didn't eat them all I would've fainted from the abundance of sugar. So thank goodness for friends who love to eat. You're all probably wondering what is an "ube" cake. Well in short if any of you know what bubble tea is, you all probably know the flavour/fruit taro/purple yams..basically an ube cake is just that.. a taro/purple yam cake. I don't know how it's made, I wish I did, and I will probably ask my aunt but all I know is that it is soo good to eat. Also a crowd favorite

The first fruit cake of the season

My mother came home one day with a fruitcake, every year around christmas time she brings home at least one or two of these and they all happen to be by the same coworkers..every year. This inspired me to make an entry. I have come to a conclusion that it is a fact based on my own personal survey that every household in Canada..basically all of North America will have at least one or two fruitcakes before the end of the year. They usually come during the holidays, and personally I don't like how they taste. But hey it's the holidays so I make this post in tribute to the great holiday fruitcake, and while you're eating your christmas fruitcake you can down it with some eggnog..mmmmm

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

local love: Osmows

Another hidden gem in Mississauga is Osmows. I have tried a lot of schwarma's in this lifetime and they all do not even come close to Osmow's schwarmas. I can not even express this, every schwarma I have tasted that isn't Osmows have been soo bland to me..that is because Osmow's is the BEST! I am not exaggerating here people, and I am telling the honest truth. You can find Osmows in 251 Queen Street ,Streetsville. I have been going to this place since high school, once you've tried Osmow's schwarma's you're gunna keep coming back for more..I guarantee it!
Just some pictures of good times at Osmow's: 
some friends to share some schwarmas with
hard at work

mmmm... jam packed with garlic sauce and a pack of gum
for dessert!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Local Love: Korean Grill

So as of Friday last week, I am glad to say I am done the fall term 
*hurrah* I went downtown after my last midterm to spend some 
time with my good friends Michelle, and Ruby. After some retail 
therapy, a well deserved treat considering it's almost my birthday (Dec 11). 
We went down Dundas and Younge and ate at Korean Grill. 
Korean Grill is located on 369 Yonge Street it is pretty sweet,
 you pay $12.99 for all you can eat, and they present you with 
raw meat to which in the centre of the table, is a mini grill, and 
you pretty much cook your own meal. To top of a great day, I treated 
myself to a rumified pina colada...which was
in my opinion pretty darn strong. 
Onto the pics:

ok so this does not look that appetizing but I swear it tastes 
pretty darn good.

a well deserved pina colada sort of..ngl I was
expecting it to taste like booster juice with 
a lil sumthing sumthing in the mix...yeah not so much