Wednesday, May 30, 2012

C.I.Y: Leftover Omelette #nomnom

I'm always bombarded with leftovers..always, so what a better way to get rid of it than by recycling! I've always done this and throughout the years have created some reallly gooood stuff out of mixing and matching leftovers and eggs. My mom made an amazing roast beef and there it was in the fridge so I decided to make an omelette and actually recorded it!


 Here's what I used:
 -roast beef
-chili flakes
-ground rosemary,italian spice mix c/o bulkbarn
-2 eggs
-sea salt, pepper
-one clove of garlic and red onions
-cherry tomatoes

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My WVRST Experience

 Don’t let the title fool you; this up and coming sausage hall is definitely one of the highlight cuisines in King West.  Pronounced as “verst” located on 609 King West this burgeoning place is literally a must go to spot in the city.  Upon entering you’re greeted with a smile and seated immediately. The atmosphere is warm, the rhythm is bustling and one gets a strong feeling of cabin comfort that embraces Eastern European culture.  There are not only regular faces but new ones automatically feel at home and once you enter the Wvrst doors you’re part of a community, seated amongst friends. 

Although Wvrst only serves strictly sausages, the menu covers all foodies from vegetarians to those with an acquired taste (Kangaroo!) and it’s not just sausages on a bun options either but with a wide mix of variety such as gourmet dipping sauces to accompany your meal. You could take your sausage currywurst a German cuisine favorite that consists of ketchup and curry, or your fries cooked in duck fat.

When I first heard of WVRST and of their extensive exotic sausage menu my imagination ran wild, I pictured a dark hole in the wall deli, you know one of those places you see in New York mafia movies. It definitely wasn’t a hole in the wall but more of a loft like space with an extensive bar filled with a wide range of North American to European beers and rows upon rows of modern picnic tables with windows that look out onto the King West streets. 

My curiosity was put to rest when I tried the more traditional option of Kranjska, which is basically a pork, and garlic sausage and boy, it did not disappoint, the taste was succulent, and juicy in all the right places from the tip of the sausage to the last bite. Because it was such a pleasant experience I actually looked at the menu again and considered the more exotic options like venison, or elk. Each time since I’ve first dined at Wvrst be it after work or after a day of shopping ay King West with good friends we’ve all left very satisfied and in good sprits that lasts for whole day with a promise to spontaneously return and finally try the kangaroo. Wvrst is exactly what King West needs, exciting, eccentric, and of course a fresh gourmet experience to the Toronto foodie community.

I leave you with a German Oktoberfest song that is in constant rotation everytime I've visted WVRST.