Monday, December 7, 2009

Local Love: Korean Grill

So as of Friday last week, I am glad to say I am done the fall term 
*hurrah* I went downtown after my last midterm to spend some 
time with my good friends Michelle, and Ruby. After some retail 
therapy, a well deserved treat considering it's almost my birthday (Dec 11). 
We went down Dundas and Younge and ate at Korean Grill. 
Korean Grill is located on 369 Yonge Street it is pretty sweet,
 you pay $12.99 for all you can eat, and they present you with 
raw meat to which in the centre of the table, is a mini grill, and 
you pretty much cook your own meal. To top of a great day, I treated 
myself to a rumified pina colada...which was
in my opinion pretty darn strong. 
Onto the pics:

ok so this does not look that appetizing but I swear it tastes 
pretty darn good.

a well deserved pina colada sort of..ngl I was
expecting it to taste like booster juice with 
a lil sumthing sumthing in the mix...yeah not so much