Friday, May 28, 2010

tis the season: Guacamole 1-2-3

I'm not one to brag but I make pretty good guacamole. After a chipotle
filled summer last year that pretty much broke my wallet, I decided
to emulate their guacamole so I can eat it at the comfort of my
own home without traveling, and paying as much. So I will
bestow upon you my beloved recipe for yummy fresh summery

1.Here's what your going to need:
2 Haas avocados
kosher salt
1 jalepeno pepper
one red onion

2.slice ingredients finely,
cut the avocados in half and place in a bowl, squeeze
the lime juice into the bowl with the avocados and
smash with a fork until tender, once the avocado's are
soft, place the rest of the ingredients and mix.

3. Once you've mixed the guacamole,
serve with your preference of chips a secret a coworker
once taught me was to keep the guacamole fresh, place the
seed in the middle. ENJOY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bubble republic

Living in the suburbs, and the long endless summer nights you
rarely find a place to eat other than 7/11, mcdonalds, tim hortons,
or pizza pizza that stays open late. Well for about 3 years now my
friends and I have been going to this cute little place called
Bubble Republic.
Located on 4040 Creditview rd, in a little strip plaza beside No Frills,
and CIBC.The menu consists of endless flavours,styles,tapioca, cold,
warm, various types of bubble teas. It's open till midnight and does
not take debit or credit so be prepared to have cash on you.
You definitely get more than what you pay for and the service is pretty
good too. They also have a modest food menu and everything is literally
under $10. Anyways my good friend Ania and I went recently to get our fix.

spring/summer food runway

Hello foodies,

So sorry for the long overdue post but I come back bearing gifts!
As you all know spring is amongst us and summer is just around
the corner and with these sunny seasons comes new menu's, recipes,
fruits, veggie's and just new food in general!!! I am personally stoked,
as of recently I have made a personal decision to abstain from meat and
have pretty much cut out fast food in my personal menu after watching
fast food nation. I went from eating meat twice a week, to once,
to barely and I feel great! Being a normal early twenty something girl
and having all these accessibility to various foods is both a curse and
blessing. It's hard to weed out the bad from the good when there are soo
many options.When doing this blog it started out as something fun and
a log for the things I gained out of my food, land and culture course.
Since then I personally feel that I have grown not just waist size but
consciously grown aware of what I am eating where it comes from,
and well what I am getting out of it. Lets just say my short term break
was in a sense a food makeover. So a personal thank you to those who
read this little thing, this is going to sound ultra cheesy but let's eat
together and spread the word about healthy, sustainable eating.
I'm going to try my best to help not only myself but you out to make
good decisions on where to eat, what to eat, and
also save some money while doing so.