Friday, October 23, 2009

Tofu sizzle

Tofu 1-2-3
This recipe requires lots and lots of patience depending on how
golden you want your tofu. So I had a brick package of tofu that
I needed to cook before the due date (Nov23) and there
are soo many tofu dishes out there, but very little ingredients
on me so I decided to just fry it and eat crispy yummy tofu.
Here is what your going to need:

-kosher salt
-five cloves of garlic
-half an onion
-lemon pepper

Step One:

slice your ingredients into tiny pieces, take the tofu and cut it how ever you want.
Preferably in cubes

Step Two:
pre heat the pan and pour olive oil, carefully place tofu in the
pan and add garlic after 2 mins then the onion, sizzle till golden,
once golden add kosher salt, lemon pepper and parsley
Step Three:


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


wow! Just a random tricked out cake I came across.

Source: rainbow

Banana Bread why are you soo overratedd?

Upon doing my usual youtube rounds while taking a quick break from homework and the UPCOMING ESSAY PROPOSAL due this thursday *ahem ahem* I stumbled upon this: 

For some of you who don't know the guy making the chocolate bread that is Sebastien Grainger 1/2 of the former Death From Above 1979 duo, and is currently doing his own thing in music with the mountains. Anyways for those of you who enjoy his music this is a treat!! recipe is in the video tutorial.

Source: his food blog
: Eat My Dish

Monday, October 19, 2009

Local Love: Swirls!

I love cupcakes. I can not even begin to explain how cute and convenient they are. Personally I think its probably one of the best things ever made, who doesn't get happy over a single cupcake! Cupcake bakeries are on a rise and one that I personally love is called Swirls, they serve homemade gelato and various flavoured cupcakes. I first stumbled upon it when I was in highschool a big hang out spot in the summer was Streetsville, we would pop in buy a gelato and take some cupcakes home, and they would ALWAYS be gone by the morning. I have lived in Mississauga for pretty much my whole life, and Swirls is probably one of our best kept secrets. They recently just opened a new location in Etobicoke on 4158 Dundas Street West. So if you're ever in town say Streetsville or live near Etobicoke, pop in and eat a delicious red velvet cupcake (my personal fave).

You can check out their website: SWIRLS
or follow their facebook - linkage can be found on their website

Source: Pics from their facebook fan page!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

salad 1-2-3

It's easy to make a salad because you can pretty much just toss and go. This salad has no particular name..I just call it yummy mozzo salad:

here is what your going to need:

lettuce/spring mix/or spinach
fresh mozzarela in circular not squared and processed
grape tomatoes
sea salt/ or kosher salt ( I use kosher salt)
extra virgin olive oil
(almonds are optional)

step one:
prepare the goods, chop the grape tomatoes in half and the mozarella

step two:
once everything is chopped and prepared place ingredients in the bowl

step three:
drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper and mix

step four:
EAT! (nomnomnom)

Eduplate yourselves

I have always wanted to start a food blog, it has been brewing (and i've been craving) for a while now and the final push was taking a course at York called FOOD LAND AND CULTURE. Eating is a universal language..metaphorically speaking of course and like music and art, food is something that brings people together. It is IN our lifestyles, and something we canNOT live without. So this blog is for everyone, and anyone who just loves to eat, be it a meal, a restaurant that you just happened to stumble upon, or a family heirloom recipe, or just saw a funny looking dish/abnormal fruit or baked goods. Just message me and I will gladly place your recipe/findings for everyone to eat, share and enjoy. Oh and I will also place some things myself ;)