Sunday, November 21, 2010

cute french macaroons

I've always seen pictures of those cute little french macaroons
and have always wanted them. Not only for picture purposes but
because they were just so freaking pretty. I recently found out
that they are in fact attainable in Canada, and in a bakery near me
called SWEETS. It's right beside Heartland, this plaza is seriously
food heaven, it's right next to marble slab, licks, pho mi, california
sandwiches, thai express, medina, and freshii...WTF!!!!
back to the macaroons, they're really cute and actually very yummy
the texture and quality is what you pay for...their $2 each (hefty I know)
but it's worth it. I highly suggest you eat these little things with
tea or coffee cause they're pretty sweet.
my personal suggestions are: pistachio, and poppy!


So back in August I went to a little event that happens in
Mississauga called Ribfest. Basically it's a festival of ribs galore,
cornbread, corn on a cob, blooming onions, etc, etc. After
ribfest my friends and I went to watch Inception overall
it was a great day. If you're ever in town around August
will buy you pretty much anything to your hearts desire.
onto the pics

Thursday, September 2, 2010

good morning

with the school year fast approaching,
I personally never have time for breakfast
this year my goal is to change this. I stumbled
upon this cool video with a yummy fast and filling
breakfast sandwich!

Friday, August 13, 2010

food porn california

Sorry for the slow updates laziness and summer is to blame I swear.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Theres this wonderful place called Yogurtland that I frequently visited
while in California. It is basically a self-serve yogurt heaven filled with all kinds of frozen yogurt and toppings to your
hearts desire. I'm not exaggerating. I'm thinking of writing a letter to whomever owns yogurtland to open a shop in Canada specifically Toronto..yeah if
only it were that easy, maybe I should start a petition?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

vegetarian spaghetti!

It was soo much fun making this that of course I had to share
Ingredients used was well alot:
basil, mint,red onions, parsley,
mushrooms, marinara paste,
olive oil, kosher salt, red,yellow,orange and green bell peppers
black olives, 2 cloves of garlic, ground black pepper, 1 tbl spoon of sugar
veggie dogs and well the pasta of your choice

Friday, May 28, 2010

tis the season: Guacamole 1-2-3

I'm not one to brag but I make pretty good guacamole. After a chipotle
filled summer last year that pretty much broke my wallet, I decided
to emulate their guacamole so I can eat it at the comfort of my
own home without traveling, and paying as much. So I will
bestow upon you my beloved recipe for yummy fresh summery

1.Here's what your going to need:
2 Haas avocados
kosher salt
1 jalepeno pepper
one red onion

2.slice ingredients finely,
cut the avocados in half and place in a bowl, squeeze
the lime juice into the bowl with the avocados and
smash with a fork until tender, once the avocado's are
soft, place the rest of the ingredients and mix.

3. Once you've mixed the guacamole,
serve with your preference of chips a secret a coworker
once taught me was to keep the guacamole fresh, place the
seed in the middle. ENJOY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bubble republic

Living in the suburbs, and the long endless summer nights you
rarely find a place to eat other than 7/11, mcdonalds, tim hortons,
or pizza pizza that stays open late. Well for about 3 years now my
friends and I have been going to this cute little place called
Bubble Republic.
Located on 4040 Creditview rd, in a little strip plaza beside No Frills,
and CIBC.The menu consists of endless flavours,styles,tapioca, cold,
warm, various types of bubble teas. It's open till midnight and does
not take debit or credit so be prepared to have cash on you.
You definitely get more than what you pay for and the service is pretty
good too. They also have a modest food menu and everything is literally
under $10. Anyways my good friend Ania and I went recently to get our fix.

spring/summer food runway

Hello foodies,

So sorry for the long overdue post but I come back bearing gifts!
As you all know spring is amongst us and summer is just around
the corner and with these sunny seasons comes new menu's, recipes,
fruits, veggie's and just new food in general!!! I am personally stoked,
as of recently I have made a personal decision to abstain from meat and
have pretty much cut out fast food in my personal menu after watching
fast food nation. I went from eating meat twice a week, to once,
to barely and I feel great! Being a normal early twenty something girl
and having all these accessibility to various foods is both a curse and
blessing. It's hard to weed out the bad from the good when there are soo
many options.When doing this blog it started out as something fun and
a log for the things I gained out of my food, land and culture course.
Since then I personally feel that I have grown not just waist size but
consciously grown aware of what I am eating where it comes from,
and well what I am getting out of it. Lets just say my short term break
was in a sense a food makeover. So a personal thank you to those who
read this little thing, this is going to sound ultra cheesy but let's eat
together and spread the word about healthy, sustainable eating.
I'm going to try my best to help not only myself but you out to make
good decisions on where to eat, what to eat, and
also save some money while doing so.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last nights dinner

kitchen video from geri coria on Vimeo.

Last night I was feeling pretty crafty and made a kitchen video. I've been cooking alot lately nothing challenging just the simple stuff like fish, salads, rice, etc, etc. But yesterday I felt pretty good cause I just got my hair did and after a shitty unmotivational week it was a personal reward..sort of anyways here are some pics. I posted the insalata caprese salad recipe way back in October it was my first post on eduplate, and the recipe for the salmon is pretty simple its white wine, and herbs of your personal preference. Onto the pics

sweet potato chips

I found a gem at Sobey's the other day it's called sweet potato chips. Less on the calories, and overall just healthier and super yummy. I've been planning on making my own homemade chips very soon I'm going to start with making plantain chips possibly next week if time will let me. Anyways these got me through the last olympic hockey game when stress eating just magically occurs.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen VIDEO: chicken enchiladas with chile verde

I was browsing around the internet and I happen to stumble upon a verry cool cooking video
on a very cool blog (blushingambition). Cooking videos are pretty cool cause it shows you how to do a step by step process of how to make the dish...sort of.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sprouts sandwich 123

I've always wondered why sandwiches were called sandwiches. Seriously..theres no sand nor witches involved in making a sandwich, k that was super corny but you get what I'm sort of saying..I hope. When I am super lazy to cook I always make a cucumber sprout cream cheese sandwich it's as easy as 1-2-3. For this sandwich I didnt have any cucumbers (boo) but it was still pretty pretty darn good.

1. Things you will need:
bread (of your preference)
cream cheese
alfalfa sprouts

2. spread the cream cheese and place the sprouts:

3. put the bread together and slice in half and

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Food Inc.

No words needed, just watch.
On a personal note McDonalds anyone? just kidding

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lunch with mom at Lemongrass

I've been a bad blogger, my updates have been really slow lately
ahaha but that is mainly due to me actually living my life also
mad laziness and late night ventures, but rest assured I'm back
and ready to blog! Anyways so since my absence I recently
had lunch with my mom at Lemongrass atsquare one. It's a
very cute place sort of like spring rolls, but much cheaper
well sort of..almost. They have a sweet lunch special which
only costs $8 and you get a soup of your choice, mango salad,
and pad thai.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Post of 2010: New Year's essentials

So it's been awhile since I posted some food. Let's just say I took a little break and just enjoyed the holidays..also because I've developed a very long "itis" (basically laziness) over the christmas holidays. Anyways here's what I ate on the very first day of the year. Every year I spend New Years with my family, we ALWAYS have the essential food basics. My mom always prepares/buys fresh fruit, fresh bread, hot coco, and fresh cooked ham before the clock strikes 12.