Friday, February 3, 2012

Cake Pop Cheat Sheet

Hello eduplaters!!!

I've missed you all very much, after a long hiatus, some eating here and there and foodventures, I come back bearing some good gifts and a new DSLR! so basically more HQ pics! Over the holidays I was in a rush and needed a quick cute cake pop fix minus the baking. I thought to myself welllll why not just buy timbits from Tim Hortons, buy some popsicle sticks, and call it a day...and thats exactly what I did, not only did it cut the time in half but it also was delicious!
Of course this will not be the last I do this and maybe next time I'll do the full throttle cake pop mixing and all :)

Here's the recipe 1-2-3 steps:

1. place timbit on stick

2. swirl timbit into icing and decorate let sit for a good 5-10 mins

3. Wrap into a lolipop cellophane and tie with a ribbon and give with love