Tuesday, December 8, 2009

local love: Osmows

Another hidden gem in Mississauga is Osmows. I have tried a lot of schwarma's in this lifetime and they all do not even come close to Osmow's schwarmas. I can not even express this, every schwarma I have tasted that isn't Osmows have been soo bland to me..that is because Osmow's is the BEST! I am not exaggerating here people, and I am telling the honest truth. You can find Osmows in 251 Queen Street ,Streetsville. I have been going to this place since high school, once you've tried Osmow's schwarma's you're gunna keep coming back for more..I guarantee it!
Just some pictures of good times at Osmow's: 
some friends to share some schwarmas with
hard at work

mmmm... jam packed with garlic sauce and a pack of gum
for dessert!