Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let them eat cake

As some of you may know my birthday recently passed (I still consider it to be my birthday month), and this year for some reason I had like 4 cakes. Mind you I didn't buy them, I personally believe a person should never buy their own cake on their birthday..but thats just my thing. I had the following cakes, a vanilla with buttercream icing, strawberry shortcake with white chocolate flakes all around, a triple chocolate truffle cake, and lastly the rare ube cake. These cakes were given to me by my mom, and my aunts,which was a really sweet gesture and of course I didn't eat them all I would've fainted from the abundance of sugar. So thank goodness for friends who love to eat. You're all probably wondering what is an "ube" cake. Well in short if any of you know what bubble tea is, you all probably know the flavour/fruit taro/purple yams..basically an ube cake is just that.. a taro/purple yam cake. I don't know how it's made, I wish I did, and I will probably ask my aunt but all I know is that it is soo good to eat. Also a crowd favorite


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