Friday, October 23, 2009

Tofu sizzle

Tofu 1-2-3
This recipe requires lots and lots of patience depending on how
golden you want your tofu. So I had a brick package of tofu that
I needed to cook before the due date (Nov23) and there
are soo many tofu dishes out there, but very little ingredients
on me so I decided to just fry it and eat crispy yummy tofu.
Here is what your going to need:

-kosher salt
-five cloves of garlic
-half an onion
-lemon pepper

Step One:

slice your ingredients into tiny pieces, take the tofu and cut it how ever you want.
Preferably in cubes

Step Two:
pre heat the pan and pour olive oil, carefully place tofu in the
pan and add garlic after 2 mins then the onion, sizzle till golden,
once golden add kosher salt, lemon pepper and parsley
Step Three:



  1. next time you're making yummies...

    CALL ME UP (vegan yummies only though)