Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Joys of Baking Easy

I love a good easy meal, by easy I mean minimal ingredients and time needed to cook and eat. I love the little joys in life and I consider myself to have a very photographic memory for the most useless details..So I've compiled short video capturing the little details we often take advantage of while baking. In this video I showcase a vegan chocolate cake, and blueberry lemon w/ almonds sugar cookies. Both were verrry easy to make because well we used Betty Crocker mix but with our own little spin to it. To suppliment eggs for the vegan chocolate cake use 3 bananas and soy milk. For the sugar cookies, what you'll need is betty crocker sugar cookie mix, roast almonds with sea salt, half a lemon with orange & lemon zest, cinnamon and of course blue berries.


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