Sunday, November 21, 2010

cute french macaroons

I've always seen pictures of those cute little french macaroons
and have always wanted them. Not only for picture purposes but
because they were just so freaking pretty. I recently found out
that they are in fact attainable in Canada, and in a bakery near me
called SWEETS. It's right beside Heartland, this plaza is seriously
food heaven, it's right next to marble slab, licks, pho mi, california
sandwiches, thai express, medina, and freshii...WTF!!!!
back to the macaroons, they're really cute and actually very yummy
the texture and quality is what you pay for...their $2 each (hefty I know)
but it's worth it. I highly suggest you eat these little things with
tea or coffee cause they're pretty sweet.
my personal suggestions are: pistachio, and poppy!


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