Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Local Love: Smoke's Poutinerie

So who loves poutine? Poutine in my opinion is one of Canada's well kept secrets. I remember when my cousin's came from California in December 2004 and they had never even heard/tasted/seen poutine before, and when they first tried it, they were in complete awe. Every time I go back to California they ask me to bring poutine..of course the border would/will  never allow it. Anyways so Michelle and I recently went to Smoke's poutinerie on 218 Adelaide St W to simmer down the poutine craving we both coincidently had at the time. The journey was well worth it, they sell pop shoppe drinks which brings in a little vintage diner feel to the place and have free stickers which I took advantage of. Smoke's is a cute little place, with a pretty cool aesthetic , the atmosphere is pretty darn chill, and the menu ranges in all kinds of poutines I didn't even know existed. Check it out, and the prices range depending on the kind of poutine you get. Very well worth every dime and it doesn't dent the wallet either. 


  1. HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!

    So delish!

    It should be noted that although these curds aren't the squeakiest I've ever had, this is very similar to some of the scrumptious poutines I had in Montreal...(Yes, I am a poutine connoisseur)

  2. fuck i miss pouting from my non-veg days. costco poutine was one of my favourites!

  3. costco poutine is the shiz yo! and for the last comment que?