Monday, November 16, 2009

expensive food = dent in wallet but good in quality? maybe?

I recently bought a starbucks meal for $11 it consisted of a strawberry banana smoothie, some wheat crackers, brie cheese and few cuts of fruit  it tasted good, but it was such a hefty price and made me think about where did my $11 go? and why was it soo expensive later on that evening my mom and I went to Costco and I got hungry once again and purchased a hot dog and pop for $2. I felt filled up with the hotdog but I also felt gross at the same time, where as the healthier food choice made me feel pretty satisfied, but sad because of the cost also the fact that I bought it from Starbucks..a little indulgence I suppose. I need to find a food medium any thoughts? Especially living in a highly suburban area there are very FEW places that meet at the middle in terms of quality of food and cost. I wanna hear your food comparisons in terms of cost and quality, guilts? and fraustrations? 


  1. if you were to buy everything needed to make the starbucks "meal", you would be spending the same amount of money spent on that costco hot dog. you got suckered.

    I feel like eating a sprouts wrap...yum!

  2. that was the point of the post was the fact I got suckerd :(