Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer = A Season Filled with Nom Noms!

food porn of the day: a mini layered cake I made for my mom

I came across this really helpful article by the Huffington post written by Anna Brones called, The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Summer: 100 ways to spend your vacation. Summer is the season of food festivals, food markets, watermelons, BBQ, fruit picking, and a great time to experiment with alot of colours on your plate. I love inviting friends over for a mini get together and impromptu bbq's and with my patio actually set up this year theres no reason to NOT host one every week. Anyways the list is great but this inspired me to make my own summer list but instead of a 100 ways it's more like 20: 

1. Perfect your own guacamole recipe

2. Make your own tortilla chips or buy tortilla chips and put your spin on it be it adding kosher salt and limes.

3. Spruce up the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe  with little nips and tucks 

4. Pick your own fruit 

5. Go to all three days of taste of danforth 

6. Bring enough cash for ribfest I'm talking $40 instead of a $20

7. Go to at least 4 restaurants in the list of 100 during Summerlicious

8. Buy a nice pitcher to put your homemade sangria, adult lemonaide, spiked punch etc.

9. Appreciate a good mimosa on a patio

10. Make your own batch of macarons

11. D.I.Y your own popsicles and freezies

12. Eat alot of gelato & froyo

13. create 100 different salads throughout the season

14. Actually have a picnic this year with the basket, blanket..the works

15. Sneak your own snacks into the movie theatre and resist the urge to buy popcorn

16. BBQ whatever veggies you can find in the fridge

17. Plant a herb garden and don't let it die

18. Cook breakfast from scratch, and I'm not talking aunt jemima's mix

19. create your own granola mix and put it in a cute mason jar

20.  Mason Jar everything and buy some cute straws!


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